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Health and Wellness Coaching

Invest in Yourself !!!!!

Health and Wellness Coaching (Life Coaching) 
As a licensed counselor, I incorporate my counseling background into my coaching style.  Coaching is different than counseling/therapy. Coaching focuses on the present and creating the future.  It does not go back and analyze the past. Coaching is positive but also challenging. And coaching is a long-term commitment versus short-term.
As your coach:

  • I help you create your vision for your future. 
  • I help you design your future dealing with any problematic or stuck area of your life.  
  • I help you discover any blocks (toxic automatic thoughts) that are keeping you stuck.
I specialize in the area of compulsive behaviors / addictive behaviors and addictive disorders. Not everyone has a diagnosis of an addictive disorder, but many can relate to compulsive problematic behaviors that are causing consequences and limiting you from you true potential.  Check out the Health and Wellness page for more information and package options. 

Other Services        
DWI/DUI Classes
Driving With Care® Classes
DWC level I and Level II are offered at Counseling Perspectives.

Chemical Health Evaluations
Relapse Prevention Skills Program